Tall, lean and luscious, you are often the envy of your friends because you can eat what you like and not put on any body fat.  Lucky you, your body type is the one that most designers create for and you have no end of choice when it comes to clothes. The downside is that you can be absent the curves that grace other female body types, leaving you feeling a little too boyish. Your style aim is to create curvy, rounded silhouettes that reveal just the right amount to show off and celebrate your beautiful figure. 


Crew-neck, slash, turtle, funnel or button-up shirts •

Layering different style tops (e.g. v-neck over a cami) to break up a long torso

A belt will draw attention to you waist

Show off your fabulous arms by wearing a halter neck or sleeveless top in summer


Most trousers (with the exception of baggy) will look great on you

Slightly flared trousers can emphasis your slim thighs and introduce shape into your silhouette

If you want to add shape to your hips, try trousers in the cargo, harem, taper (or tulip) styles or styles with embellishments on hips/pockets

A-line full skirts and/or skirts with box pleats add volume.


Soft flowing dresses that create swirl, movement and shape are great or try a bias cut.  Whatever you choose, make sure that it is fitted at the waist to show off your gorgeous waist  and gives you a curvy silhouette.


Go for a belted jacket that flares out from the waist and ends below your bottom.

TIP: Long accessories around the neck will help ‘feminise’ your shape. 

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Download this "shop for your ruler body shape" guide to take on your next shopping trip