How to dress for your pear body shape

As a luscious pear shaped woman you have one aim in getting dressed (aside from stop being naked!): to balance out your slender top half in order to match the proportions of your lower body and thereby mimic an ‘hourglass’ silhouette. This is achieved by adding volume to the top half of your body, wearing minimising clothes on your bottom half and showing off your gorgeous tiny waist.  Think of Monica Bellucci or Kristin Davis.

Here is what to wear for your body shape.   

All the focus for you should be on top – so show off your fabulous boobs and shoulders through eye catching colours, design details (such as ruched shoulders, ruffles, large collars or boat necks if your bust is on the smaller side).
Go for a wider neckline to balance out your bottom half. If you are conscious about showing off your cleavage aim for this look through some clever layering: wear a high neck top as an under layer and a wide neck top over it. Layering can also help break up a long torso if this is an issue for you.
Show off that tiny waist by having fitted tops  and cuff details – nothing baggy or you’ll hide your best bits.  A fitted, flattering belt is your friend.
 V-necks can elongate your neck and draw attention to your slim upper half.  Again, if you are conscious about showing off your cleavage, aim for this look by layering a v-neck top over a high necked one.
Top length should be strictly at the hipbones or travel well past your bottom (i.e. in a tunic style). Any length in between will stop at your widest part.

Plain, dark, unembellished, well-structured trousers or skirts are your best friends. Make them mid-rise and they are even better.  Sorry, no skinny styles. Flat fronted trousers or skirts are also recommended.
Experiment with fabric, but something with a slight stretch can work well.. Avoid clingy, loud or flimsy fabric on the bottom.
If you have the dilemma of trousers or skirts ill fitting either at the waist or thighs, go for the size that fits you at the thighs and get the waist band adjusted (sorry, I know, what a pain). The last thing you want is to make your thighs look like sausages for the sake of having a fit at your waist.
Absolutely never ever go for bias cuts. Ever.  Ditto for capri pants (although I have been known to get away with them in the gym). Either go for an A-lline skirt or a pencil skirt that doesn’t taper in at the knees and is worn slightly longer than the knees.

A-line dresses, wrap dresses, tunics that are fitted ‘up top’ and waisted dresses (such as a shirt dress) are your key dress shapes.
Keep hemlines to just below the knee so the eye is draw to your relatively slim knees and calves.
Follow the same rules for the fabric, fit at waist and colours as set out in the tops and bottoms advice.

Belted, long or mid-length (beyond bottom) with wide lapels to add interest will keep you warm and fabulous.

Also keep in mind…..

Enjoy accessorising up top to draw the eye to your fabulous top half. Just don’t over do it: you are not a clown.

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Download this "shop for your pear body shape" advice to take with you on your next shopping trip