How to dress for your hourglass body shape

Your bust and hips are approximately the same width. You have a well-defined waist – much smaller than your bust and waist measurements. Your are curvy all over. Think of Marilyn Monroe or Scarlett Johansson.

Lucky you, you were born with an hourglass body shape which means you already have a nicely proportioned body. Stylists often refer to you as being ‘all woman’ because you tend to be curvy. Your aim is to show off your curves while keeping them under control, and to show off your waist. Here is what to wear for your body shape.   

Look for tailored classic cut tops and shirts that are fitted or semi-fitted at the waist and/or can be belted in at the waist.
Necklines should be scoop or v-neck in order to elongate the neck and break up your chest.
Top lengths should be just below your hip bone or go down past your thighs (e.g. tunic styles) – i.e. they don’t cut across your curvy bottom.
Shoulders should be fitted.
Sleeves should be elbow length (to draw attention to your waist).
Avoid embellishments/flounces/frills/bling around your neck or shoulders – you certainly don’t need it.

Wide-legged, flared or boot cut pants or jeans –depending on your actual proportions. Sorry, nothing in the skinny style.
Pants should be flat fronted, have a mid rise, a wide waist-band and no detailing around the hips or bottom. They should be the length that just falls short of skimming the ground (i.e. as long as possible).
Shorts should be knee length.
Ensure that skirts and pants are properly tailored around the bottom, waist and hips – you want a tailored, skimming look (i.e. not too baggy or too tight).
Skirt of choice is anything that is structured and knee-length – the pencil skirt is ideal.

Dresses should be tailored, semi-fitted and nip in at the waist.                                                                                                                        Follow the same rules regarding neckline and embellishments as for the top.
A wrap dress can also look fabulous.

Should be single breasted -- double breasted will increase the size of your chest.
Opt for a strong v-line style with lapels.
Jackets that are belted at the waist and gently flared out from the waist will show off your fabulous assets
Jacket/coat/cardigan length should be above or below the bum – don’t cut across it.

Also keep in mind…..
Monochromatic colour schemes can look fabulous – mix it up with a darker shade on bottom and a lighter one on top.
Avoid baggy clothes at all costs. They make you look frumpy. Tailored clothes are your friends, while achieving a casual look can be hard for you.  See this as a positive: you are one classy woman!
Choose soft flowing fabrics.


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