How to dress for your apple body shape

Although apple body shaped women often despair when it comes to clothes, in many ways you have the easiest set of clothing rules to follow. Your clothing aim is focused solely on lengthening out your relatively heavy torso/tummy to minimise its size and to draw the eyes to your fabulously shapely and slim legs and arms. Think of Jennifer Hudson or Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Here is what to wear for your body shape.   

Even if you have a small bust, go for a lowish neckline in the shape of a v, scoop neck, cowl neck or open shirt: this will elongate your neck.
Wrap tops, empire line cuts or tops with ruching can create strategic folds and shadows that can help minimise tummy size. Avoid baggy tops (tempting as they may be) and go for a good fitting, skimming top in well structured fabric.
Draw attention away from tummy (and to your slim arms) through embellishments on your sleeves or wrists.
Length of tops should be around crotch point: enough to cover up the lumps but short enough to display your fabulous legs.
Create waist definition through layering: a short waist length jacket, cardigan or waist-coat over a longer top.

Slim line to medium width jeans or trousers or with a boot leg will show off your beautiful legs but be careful with skinny fit styles --- you don’t want to unbalance your silhouette through having skinny legs that make your top half look bigger.  Leggings are perfectly fine with a dress or tunic.
Flat fronted trousers or skirts will ensure that no additional bulk is added to your mid-drift: beware the chunky elastic waist band!
Skirts should be structured pencil shape to ‘bring it all in’ or an A-line skirt: experiment to see what you feel comfortable with.

Wrap dresses are perfect for you.
Tunic dress/empire line dresses with leggings are also a great look (paired with a little cardigan can give you a waist too!).  Also look for dress with details under the bust.  
Another option is to go for a drop waisted dress – but take care that it doesn’t make you look pregnant!
Stretch knit dresses are a good option – and don’t need ironing!

Avoid the double breasted jacket!
A belt trench coat that is slightly flared from the waist is a good option – particularly if it has structured shoulders.
Ensure the jacket length skims over your bottom.
Good vertical lines can be created through wearing open jackets or cardigans teamed with long scarves.

Also keep in mind…..
Experiment with monochromatic colours and patterns that you mix and match tops and trousers. Try teaming jeans with a similar blue patterned top etc…This can help break up your silhouette.

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Download this "dress for your apply body shape" advice to take with you on your next shopping trip