Developing a more ethical, environmentally sustainable wardrobe can be a challenge, especially if you are on a budget.  But there are things you can do. 

Curate. Buy what suits you and what will last you multiple seasons. That way your purchases won't go to waste sitting unused or thrown out after just one season. Remember, less is more.

QualityBuy the best quality you can afford – this will ensure clothes last longer and wear better.

Eco-Certified. Buy natural, organic, fairtrade cotton and other eco-friendly materials where available. Be sure to check the credentials of an 'eco' claims. To be sure, try and purchase certified organic and Fairtrade clothing. 

NeedAsk yourself: do you really need it?

CharityTo satisfy your urge to impulse shop check out the second hand charity shops.

AvoidLook for clothes that don't need dry-cleaning or ironing and can be washed in cold water.

SunAvoid the use of a clothes dryer and invest in an indoor clothes rack for drying on rainy days.