Dressing for your body shape is about wearing clothes and accessories that balance out your body proportions. Visually speaking, a proportionally balanced body is one in which the top half of the body (shoulders, bust, tummy) appears to be about the same size as the bottom half of the body (hips, thighs, lower legs), and the body has a shapely even ‘hourglass’ silhouette. The important word here is appearance. Some women are born with perfectly proportioned bodies (lucky them). While the rest of us have to use the clothing tricks of the trade to achieve this desired look – considered the cornerstone of having your own personal style.

Drawing attention to your good body parts, drawing attention away from your not so good bits and strategically adding or minimising volume are the key tools in achieving a ‘balanced’ silhouette. Depending on your shape you will employ different combinations of these techniques. But the overall goal is the same: to choose clothes that are flattering, stylish and comfortable. Another good strategy is to ensure that you have comfortable, well fitting underwear to minimise 'lumpy bits'. In particular, the contribution of a well fitting bra to feeling and looking your best cannot be underestimated.

A good source of bra fitting advice can be found here.

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