Audrey Blue Media Kit



Audrey Blue was created by eco-activist and consultant Hannah Parris to meet the growing demand for affordable, eco-friendly, ethical and above all stylish wardrobe options for professional women. The Audrey Blue label showcases body-friendly and eco-friendly designs produced with organic and fairtrade cotton grown and sewn by farmers collectives and workers in Central India and Kolkata.

"We wanted clothes that are made with real women's lives in mind, are made from ecologically sustainable fabrics and production processes, provided sustainable livelihoods for people who made them and were available at reasonable prices" says Hannah. "Our clothes will take any woman from the boardroom, to nights out, to the weekend with kids"

"Our prices range from $40 to $130, which means that making eco-friendly choices costs no more than purchasing similar items from mainstream stores."

"To make it easier for busy women, Audrey Blue provides  women with advice on what styles best suit their body shape. Our design philosophy directly incorporates these 'style rules' into product development" explains Hannah. "Over time, we plan to expand our range so that any woman, of any shape with any colouring will be able to find something that fits them, suits them and makes them feel beautiful". 

"Audrey Blue's entire production chain is certified under the international Fair Trade Labelling organisation and the Global Organic Textiles Standard.  This re-assures customers that we are truely delivering on what we promise".

"We established our label because we believe that to live a truly sustainable life, we need to carry the core principles of environmental responsibility and social justice into every aspect of our lives including our wardrobe"

For further information or for an interview, please contact:
Hannah Parris
Director and Founder

hannah [at] audreyblue [dot] com

Ph: 0467066573


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