Eco-fashion, eco-friendly, ethical clothing: what does it mean


Eco-fashion, eco-friendly clothing, or ethical clothing can be defined to cover many different things– from avoiding the use of furs or leather in designs, to wearing vintage clothes or the use of recycled materials in garments.

At Audrey Blue, eco-fashion means three things: that garments should use organic cotton and other organically grown materials where possible, that the production processes should be undertaken according to fair trade and ethical business principles and that the business should be transparent about what it does.

We also believe that if we make these claims about our clothing, then we should be able to prove to you that they are true. That is why our clothes are made in factories certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)  and the international Fairtrade Label. These two standards are world leaders in ensuring that the fashion industry is making steps towards becoming truly eco-friendly and ethical.

As we are in the process of closing down, we haven't renewed our certifications -- but you can be sure, that is just the paperwork, nothing has changed to the quality or the way our garments are made. 

About our suppliers.

Our manufacturer, Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills, is located in Kolkata India, using cotton grown by farmers in the Chetna Organic Cooperative from central India.

Both organisations are certified under international fairtrade and organic standards and are committed to implementing social and environmental programs within their business and communities. For more information see:

Photos of Chetna Organics and Rajlakshmi are here and may be used with source accrediation (credit Chetna Organics and Audrey Blue)