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Audrey Blue creates affordable, eco-friendly, ethical clothing designed to suit you, your body shape and your lifestyle.

We established our label because we believe that to live a truly sustainable life, we need to carry the core principles of environmental responsibility and social justice into every aspect of our lives – including our wardrobe.

At the same time, we were dismayed at the lack of choice in the so-called ‘ethical fashion’ industry. Clothes were either too casual for work or a night out, too hippy and didn’t suit our grown up sensibilities, didn’t extend beyond our yoga wardrobe or were too expensive and aimed at the ‘designer’ end of the market.

We wanted clothes that are made with real women’s live in mind, are made from ecologically sustainable fabrics and production processes, provided sustainable livelihoods for people who made them and were available at reasonable prices. 

So we created them. For us and for you.

Audrey Blue clothes are designed to be your constant comfortable companions in your wardrobe.

About our suppliers

Our manufacturer, Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills, is located in Kolkata India, using cotton grown by farmers in the Chetna Organic Cooperative from central India.

Both organisations are certified under international fairtrade and organic standards and are committed to implementing social and environmental programs within their business and communities. For more information see:

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