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Organic, fair trade, ethical.....
Audrey Blue creates affordable, eco-friendly, ethical clothing designed to suit you, your body shape and your lifestyle.

We established our label because we believe that to live a truly sustainable life, we need to carry the core principles of environmental responsibility and social justice into every aspect of our lives – including our wardrobe.

In addition to Audrey Blue, we are delighted to introduce our new project for ecofashion.

We wanted to develop a brand that appealed to both men and women and was at a price point that was accessible to everyone. So we developed Mighty Good: a range of underwear available at the same prices as your current underwear brand.

We are Mighty Good. We aim to produce super soft toxic-free underwear made from organically grown, Fairtrade cotton, sewn by adults who get paid a living wage, at a price you can afford.

We are currently crowdfunding the launch collection to help us raise the funds for our first collection. You can find the campaign here:  Can you help us get started and pledge to pre-purchase some undies from us?  Let us convince you: 

We are very proud of our new underwear range. Featuring 5 undie styles for women, 2 styles of men, and 2 womens singlets Mighty Good is: 

  • Made from 95% super soft-on-the-skin organic cotton and 5% elastane for fit and durability
  • Styles, fits and shapes sure-fire tested and scrutinised by our friends and peers to ensure the perfect fit.
  • Brushed elastic on the waistband for extra comfort and style.
  • We use eco-friendly and colourfast dyes that are suitable for washing in cold water.
  • Five different underwear styles for women and 2 different styles for men in black, cream and white.
  • Styles to suit all shapes and sizes from size 6 to sizes 20 for women and sizes XXS to XXL for men. We are making sure there is something in our collection for every body.
  • No dangerous chemicals used in the production process meaning that there are no dangerous chemical residues on the fabric when you wear them.

You can see our new website at and here are some photos from our MIghty Good photo shoot: 

So what is happening with Audrey Blue? 

We are continuing to have available our beautiful Audrey Blue clothes that are made with real women's lives in mind, and, as always, are made from ecologically sustainable fabrics and production processes, provide sustainable livelihoods for people who made them and are available at reasonable prices. | Press Inquires: Elena Antoniou, New Future PR, 0411  722  217

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