Tonight is the Night

Well tonight is our Fashfest Debut. 

To say that we are beyond excited is merely an understatement.

Trying to change the world works is always a hard journey, to see that we have got this far is due to the hard work and support of many people -- Lydia and Brenda from Jacobs Well, Shari and her team at Mehera Shaw, Beverley (the 'angel') from No Sweat Fashions and Jeanette from Charles Parsons (who saved the day when things looked like they may fall over).

I am not going to spoil the surprise tonight and show you the collection (but pictures will be up soon). But I can tell you the following:

  • The suits are fairtrade  -- as far as we know the only type of its kind in the world. We will be building on this in the lead up to production to make sure they are organic as well.
  • We are honoured to be wearing the hats made by Cynthia of Hatslife. The are just wow.
  • Our collection tonight features lots of political messages to the government and to the broader community: both obvious and not so much. We couldn't help ourselves but use the runway as a political statement :-)
  • The show features fur. Yes, you read that right. Fur. Possum fur, from NZ. Unlike our lovely native possums in Australia, possums in NZ are an introduced species and, like our feral pigs here,  they cause lots of damage to the environment and to NZ's rare wildlife populations.  We are proud to be part of reducing their numbers by five.

I hope you continue with us on this journey of creating the fashion revolution we need.



(Director, Audrey Blue)