Welcome to The Suit Project

Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote “The future belongs to those who believe in the future of their dreams” and this is something that we take to heart here at Audrey Blue. That is why we are absolutely committed to only using fairtrade and organic fabrics in our garments and focusing on designs

But we wanted to challenge ourselves further and in doing so, re-write what we think this eco-fashion gig can deliver. Do something that no one else is doing.

...and the end result of these thought processes has led us to develop The Suit Project.

The what?

The Suit Project (yes, that is capital T,S and P). Our aim is simply this: to produce an ethical business wardrobe for women of all shapes and sizes using only fairtrade and organic materials and is produced under fairtrade conditions, in the most environmentally friendly way we can achieve.

So how are we going to do this?

Our new project has created a whole lot more issues and questions we need to ask ourselves and a whole lot more work to do including:

  1. What material do we make it out of? Suits are traditionally made out wool. Can we find a good source of organic wool? Would it be suitable for suits?

  2. Our traditional manufacturers, Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills, don't work with wool and they often need to work at a large scale, which may not be suitable for The Suit Project. So what other production house can we find that is fairtrade certfied and can work with wool for a small scale project?

  3. What about the lining material for the suits?

  4. How can we design something that is stylish, timeless, interesting and suits different body types?

Wish us luck and stay tuned here for updates.

If you want to see what else we are up to, check out our main website audreyblue.com

All the best

The Audrey Blue Team