Introducing Jacobs Well

In our last entry we included in our list of challenges the need to find a fairtrade production house capable of working with wool for the scale suitable for The Suit Project.

Wonderful to say that we quickly came across Jacobs Well based in Bangalore, India and co-managed out of Bangalore and the UK by Brenda, Jayne and Lydia.

Some of the awesome things about Jacobs Well are:

  • It started in 1994 to provide meaningful employment opportunities for women living in slums and those vulnerable to different forms of discrimination, abuse, violence and exploitation.

  • It is certified under the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) which means that Jacobs Well is committed to:

  • never employing or outsourcing to child labour

  • always pays fair wages to its workers

  • always having a safe and good working conditions for all workers.

  • Has invested heavily in training and developing its workers to ensure that they can meet the quality standards needed to supply western brands. They have a track record of working with many brands across the world.

The impact Jacobs Well is found in the stories of the people who work there. We have already started working with Lydia who was one of the original trainees. Lydia left school at the age of 14, finding the classes difficult as they were in English and her mother tongue was Tamil.  She was then sitting at home until someone from her community introduced her to jacobs well.  Lydia’s enthusiasm and aptitude allowed her to quickly rise into a managerial role in Bangalore, where she is now one of the company directors and has excelled in further education, studying both fashion design and business entrepreneurship.

We love the fact that garments that are made for women's business wardrobe is providing good work for other women who need it. To check out Jacobs Well for yourself see their website: