The Suit Project Line Sheet

I haven't posted for a while about The Suit Project've been a bit busy putting the project together. Apologies for that. All I can say is that progress is being made :)

To make up for it, I thought I'd share with you The Suit Collection line sheet. What is a line sheet I hear you ask? Well, it is basically a one-page technical summary of all the designs in a collection, along with descriptions, fabrics, colours and code numbers of each style. It is used to sell a collection to a buyer and is the hallmark of a commercial collection. 

If we are successful with our Kickstarter campaign, and we raise the necessary funds to attend the Berlin Ethical Fashion Show in February 2016, this line sheet will be the first thing that I will give to customers at the show. 

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Fabric Porn (you know what I am talking about :)

Oh joy of joys....after a long long search and a few mishaps, we got an early Christmas present for The Suit Project.........

...and drum roll please...

We are absolutely thrilled to have sourced a supply of GOTS certified organic wool suiting material from an established supplier. Over the last few weeks we waited with baited breath to see the samples come all the way from their Italian home and...

...they are perfect. Absolutely perfect.  See here:

We've had heaps of fun running our fingers through the samples, holding them up to the light, nodding knowledgeably (not!) and holding them against our skin. They are simple beautiful.

Which one do you like best? Which one should we go with on the first The Suit Project run?

Right now we are keeping our source close to our chests while we get the project underway. But in the name of transparency, accountability and information sharing, we will release the name of our supplier when we are ready to go live.

So, we now have the second final piece in The Suit Project puzzle -- we have the perfect material. Stay tuned during 2015 for the final final piece to come together.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year and see you on the other side

Audrey Blue XX


We are going kickstarter.....

Hi all

We have been a bit quiet lately on this blog, but that is because we are madly putting together our kickstarter campaign (soon to be included in "Slow Magazine"!.

To hear more, either check back here or sign up to our mailing list (promise we won't send many messages -- who has time to write them all?)

All the best

Audrey Blue Team

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